During a recent Twitter exchange, Washington Post Theatre Critic Peter Marks (@petermarksdrama) commented: "You cannot credibly make claim to being America's no. 2 theater town if most nommed musical comes from...

I love Thanksgiving. For forever it has been my very favorite holiday; the anticipation of waking up on that Thursday morning when we didn't have to go to school, sitting on my parents’ bed and reveling in The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade — while the smells of Thanksgiving dinner preparations were already underway. My brother was


There are several summer delights that I relish and look forward to every year: a baseball game (major or minor league) on a summer evening, the forbidden indulgence of a mocha chip ice cream cone, and fireworks on the fourth among them. But six years ago I discovered another summer pleasure to savor; this one is not illicit in any way and even involves air conditioning:

The Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF)

With a nod to Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber’s lyrics from Sunset Boulevard I fervently believe that great philosophy is found within a show tune. These words characterize our time-honored ritual each February in the National Theatre’s Helen Hayes Gallery (named for our beloved benefactor)


Imagine my awe: last night when, at Signature Theatres’s performance of Hairspray, out of my peripheral vision I saw that I was randomly sitting directly next to civil rights leader Julian Bond and his wife Pam Horowitz....

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