Summer Hummer 2014: Ménage à Trois

TW Event

08/18/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Over 60 actors from the Washington area sang, danced, and stripped to support Taking Care of Our Own at the third annual Summer Hummer.

Musical numbers and special appearances included an opening number by Chris Youstra titled "All Good Things Cum in Threes," special choreography by Matt Gardiner and Karma Camp, and a company of more than 60 singers, dancers, and strippers.

Included in the line-up were: Eunice Bae, Frank Britton, Evan Casey, Austin Colby, Carolyn Cole, Natascia Diaz, Erin Driscoll, Jamie Eacker, Catie Flye, James Gardiner, Will Gartshore, Helen Hedman, Donna Migliaccio, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Maria Rizzo, Nicholas Rodriguez, Bobby Smith, Stephen Gregory Smith, Nick Vaughn, Lauren Williams, and Sherri L. Edelen in a special video appearance.

Signature Theatre
4200 Campbell Avenue
United States
Arlington, VA 22206

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